We offer written translation services of technical and scientific texts, manuals, business letters, short stories, papers or presentations and web pages. If necessary, we adapt the translated text to fit the target audience and its cultural environment.
Our staff of consecutive interpreters specializes in meetings and exhibitions.


This option provides educational access to learners who are not participating in traditional classes. It is ideal for those who cannot take a course with a fixed timetable because of personal or working reasons, or for those who have specific needs or need extra practice in some skill.


We assist students in the writing of essays, letters and all types of texts included in international exams. We offer expert advice and guidance to students and the most effective feedback on each piece of writing and on the whole process.
We design and tailor programmes to suit the specific needs of each company or individual.
The kind of exercises and the way to deal with them make autonomous learning possible. The virtual classroom relies on internet resources and uses them in a pedagogical way. It offers the student fast, modern and easily accessible practice.
Our methodology is based on the interaction between the student and the learning material and between the student and the tutor. A personal tutor accompanies the student in their learning process: he guides and gives advice, prepares motivating activities and assesses the student’s work. The student receives constant feedback on their progress. The means of communication between the tutor and the student is e-mail, through which exercises are sent and questions are answered.
If you are already taking a traditional English course, e-learning might be an excellent complement to it.

Educational Consultancy

We provide a range of services in this field to suit the requirements of the educational institution.
In the field of English teaching, we provide analysis of the teaching contents in order to elaborate a clear conceptual and methodological frame to develop an adequately structured teaching method to achieve effective learning. We also detect staff training needs.

Staff development and training

In the area of English teaching, we offer courses and workshops on methodology, the use of didactic material and learning assessment among others.
Training for the staff of any area of the educational institution includes courses and workshops on cognitive neurosciences applied to education, effective communication, educational management, etc.